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The Big Blade is an exciting new way to move snow!

More importantly, it is easier, faster and safer than shoveling.

Gone are the days of back-breaking hours of lifting heavy shovels full of snow. The Big Blade is made in America from lightweight recyclable plastics and is highly resistant to damage. It is extremely durable and user friendly. It works to push snow effortlessly from whatever surface it may be on by using your own body weight as the driving force behind it. The Big Blade tool will clear 4” – 6” of snow from a 25’ – 50’ area in just minutes.

The Big Blade’s Unique design means no bending or lifting wet, heavy snow. Our commercial model is a 40″x 48″ piece of durable plastic and is intended to be used on large, open areas such as: railroad platforms rail and switch yards areas, driveways, storefront walkways, small parking areas etc.

This tool is perfect for towns, villages and municipalities to use for areas that may be too small for plows or where environmental impact is a concern. Our second residential model is only 32″ wide allowing it to be used on most residential sidewalks. This narrower size also allows the Big Blade to pass through common 36″ gate openings. We also have bigger commercial versions available 44”x 48” and 48”x 48” along with custom colors that are available which can be a special order for a higher purchase price.

Big Blade Feature Benefits

  • Made in America
  • 100%Recyclable
  • Easy Storage
  • Years of Use
  • No Bending , No Heavy Lifting
  • Easy to Use, for Almost Anyone
  • Cleans Right Down to the Surface
  • Quick Snow Removal in a Large Area in Little Time
  • Now with a 5 year GUARANTEE against cracking, chipping, splintering, or breaking!!!
  • This tool does a number of tasks
  • Breaks up Blue ice without damaging the underlying surface !
  • It also will help with the fall leaf removal by corralling the fallen leaves into a pile for easy pick up!


Priced at $30 and $40, everyone can enjoy clearing snow just like when you were a kid! You’ve probably heard the saying, “no pain no gain.” Well, you can forget about that. With the Big Blade, you gain without pain.

Residential Models

Our residential model is only 32″ wide, allowing it to be used on most homeowners’ sidewalks. This narrower size also allows the Big Blade to pass through common 36″ gate openings.

Commercial Models

We also have bigger commercial versions available in 32″, 40″, and 42″. These are perfect for towns, villages, and municipalities, where it may be too small for plows or when environmental impact is a concern. Our latest commercial model is a 40″ x 48″ piece of durable plastic. It is intended for use on large, open areas such as:

  • Railroad Platforms
  • Rail and Switch Yards
  • Driveways
  • Storefront Walkways
  • Small Parking Areas

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United States and Canada

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Monday - Friday: 9am - 5pm
Saturday: 10am - 2pm


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